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What is Seipasa?

SEIPASA is a pioneering company in agricultural treatments free of chemical residues, its products are manufactured with natural vegetable substances in the company’s factory in l’Alcudia (Valencia), under strict quality criteria, environmental respect and health and safety standards.

SEIPASA offers to the national and international agricultural producers protection against plagues and diseases and the promotion of their crops, getting fruits, vegetables and cereals “zero residues”, according to the increasing demand from costumers and the international markets in healthy food and quality, ensuring the farmer’s profit. All of this, being a world reference in healthy production and following sustainable criteria.

Due to this philosophy and the research carried out by technical specialists, SEIPASA has managed to produce highly efficient products, which can be adapted to the characteristics and needs of each crop.

From biospesticides and biostimulants to a great variety of nutritionals, the offer is wide and varied.


The main aim of Seipasa’s R&D+i department, is to offer an answer to the strong demand of new generation products, from the agricultural sector and the environment. For this reason, they investigate and develop new natural active ingredients, from vegetable origin, and they work to achieve the most efficient combinations of substances in order to reach an ideal and specialized product.

Our technical team is formed by doctors, agronomists, chemists and pharmacists, they study the active principles that the nature offers us in order to get results in the product formulation.

The development of a new product, begins in the farms detecting the needs of each type of crop and geographical area. The efficacy of pilot products is proved by exhaustive essays carried out in our own fields and external companies.

SEIPASA has an Experimental Centre of last generation inaugurated in 2010:

  • Due to its design, we are able to introduce and inoculate different plagues and pathogens, using different conditions without endangering commercial crops.
  • We can obtain fast and trusted results in the development of new products, improving the formulations and mixtures.
  • We offer support to the clients, because they can order laboratory tests.

The team of R&D+i, together with the Technical Department, prepare effectiveness laboratory tests, as well as formulation tests in order to guarantee the stability and the useful life of the product in the market.

In addition to this, it trains technical-commercials, distributors and customers and offers personalized advice in the field. For the optimal application in crops, it develops "zero residues" treatment protocols to act on each type of crop, including the use of natural technological inputs, good agricultural practices and useful auxiliary fauna. The company elaborates technical information, including user guidelines for our products and technical and commercial leaflets.

SEIPASA works closely with universities, laboratories and research centres for the development of new treatments and to improve products. The results are published in different media, such as congresses or agricultural magazines.

SEIPASA´s Technical and R&D+i Departments participate in national and international forums where we share our experiences with other researchers. The objective is to design an effective product by detecting the mode of action of the different natural active ingredients.

Global commercial network

The personnel that are part of the commercial network of SEIPASA offer a personalized attention to our clients. Their work is more than commercial tasks. All of our technicians and commercials have a specialized technical training, to offer the best advice and to answer all the farmer’s questions in the use of Seipasa’s treatments.

These are some of the services that our commercial technicians offer to our clients, in Spain and in other countries around the world:

  • Continuous analysis of the market and the farmer’s needs
  • Studies and technical advice in the field
  • Technical lectures
  • Products presentations
  • Monitoring and customer satisfaction
  • Support to the distribution network

All of the Seipasa’s products are produced with our own technology and applying the following scheme which begins and ends by technical-commercial work.


SEIPASA’s products have increased their presence in the fields of different parts of the world and nowadays they are present in almost all continents.

Due to the SEIPASA’s progression abroad, in 2009 the company opened its first branch in Mexico and one year later in Turkey, and today it has 53 technical-commercial branches, 39 of them in Spain and 14 in different States of America, Middle East and Africa, as well as Europe. Mexico, Turkey, Portugal, Greece, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Colombia or Korea are some of the countries where the company has a strong presence.

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