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Extremes in pH can result in the precipitation of certain nutrients so they are unavailable to plants and at the same time, they can block different components in the fertigation system.
In addition, pH can affect the physiological process of nutrient absorption by the roots. In fact, out of the suitable pH range for each plant species, root absorption becomes difficult, and under extreme pH values, the root system can be damaged or suffers toxicities due to the excessive absorption of phytotoxic elements (aluminum).
To avoid this problem is necessary to acidify irrigation water or tank-mixtures. How? SEIPASA offers the best solution with ACID PLUS.
It is a product that contains organic acids from plant origin specially developed to correct the pH of water used in foliar treatments and agricultural irrigation water.
  • Prevents the hydrolysis of the products used in foliar treatments.
  • Neutralizes water, stabilizing phytosanitary products, so that increases its efficiency and persistence.
  • It does not produce any waste.
In addition, ACID PLUS incorporates an indicator that changes the colour when pH varies. So that the farmer can check the acid/base pH of irrigation water, making it unnecessary to use the pH-meter.
8.0 7.5 500 ml/1,000 l 0.05%
7.5 7.0 500 ml/1,000 l 0.05%
7.0 6.5 1,000 ml/1,000 l 0.10%
6.5 6.0 2,000 ml/1,000 l 0.20%

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