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SEIPASA, giving new life to the agricultural packaging with AEVAE

8th of February 2017

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce and Invent ... The Spanish Association for the Valorization of Packaging (AEVAE), founded by SEIPASA and twenty other partners, was born a year ago as part of the environmental protection gear. This non-profit association was created with the aim of boosting the current market by offering an alternative system to manage the collection of packaging of plant protection product. It intends to facilitate to farmers, distributors and manufacturers of fertilizers and...

SEIPASA, in the European elite of innovation

20th of January 2017

SEIPASA will count on Europe’s support for the development of its last great innovative project. This reference company in research, development, manufacture and marketing of natural treatments for agriculture, with headquarters in L'Alcúdia (Valencia) and Tardienta (Huesca), has been selected by the European Commission in the last round of Horizon 2020. It thus becames part of the club of companies of the European elite in innovation. The European Horizon 2020 program funds...

Biopesticides, Biostimulants and Fertilizers: The SEIPASA Experimental Center makes the difference in R&D&i

13th of December 2016

Seipasa's biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers stand out for their effectiveness and stability. Unique formulations, patents that support them, reference brands in Zero Residues®... Seipasa's reputation has been forged with years of intense work, especially in R+D+i, and today, more than ever, it supplies the part of the agricultural sector that strives for excellence, high yields and food health.The basis of these achievements is the great team of professionals that make up...

SEIPASA, "a long way off in biological and Zero Residues products"

25th of November 2016

The TV of Murcia (7TV) issues an interview to the delegate of SEIPASA in Murcia Farmers who have problems with residues look for a Zero Residues product line and find the ideal solution in SEIPASA products, all of them of natural origin.The delegate of the Murcia area, Miguel Ángel Romera, explain it in an interview granted to the program ‘Diario del Campo’ (Journal of the field) of Public Television in the Region of Murcia (7TV) in which takes stock of the latest edition of...

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