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José Ángel Talavera, Commercial Manager of SEIPASA, on 7TV

28th of October 2016

Public Television of Murcia (7TV) has dedicated a space within its program 'Journal of Field' to SEIPASA and innovations in natural solutions.It has issued an interview with our Commercial Manager José Ángel Talavera, in the framework of the fair Fruit Attraction 2016, where the products 'Zero Residues' of SEIPASA had special role.

The new natural 'weapons' of SEIPASA against pests, the revelation in Fruit Attraction 2016

11th of October 2016

Nakar and Pirecris arouse great expectations as phytosanitary control tools specially designed for Integrated Pest Management strategies The power of SEIPASA's biostimulants has been the focus of attention of producers seeking higher yields and quality of crops Years of exhaustive and hard dedication to research and development have their great reward. The new natural insecticides of SEIPASA Nakar and Pirecris have been the revelation of the phytosanitary sector in Fruit Attraction...

New natural insecticides

30th of September 2016

Technical director of SEIPASA, Javier Nácher, will reveal in Innova Forum the extraordinary potential of the 'New natural insecticides' of SEIPASA, their properties, field efficiencies and fusion strategies Integrated Pest Management. They are pesticides, totally natural, that will mark a before and after in the fight against certain pests and diseases.The talk will take place on Thursday, 6 at 11:30 am at the core connecting 7-9 (Innova Forum 7). Personal advice. Book an...

SEIPASA leads to Fruit Attraction new natural pesticides that face up to chemical ones

16th of September 2016

Innovative solutions for present and future needs in a crop protection market increasingly limited will be displayed from the Pavilion 4 stand 4G07 If farmers are looking for new and effective treatments to maintain health and optimize the profitability of their crops, that is what they will find at SEIPASA’s stand in Fruit Attraction (Pavilion 4 stand 4G07). In a context in which it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions to tackle pests and diseases due to the strict...

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