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SEIPASA leads to Fruit Attraction new natural pesticides that face up to chemical ones

16th of September 2016

Innovative solutions for present and future needs in a crop protection market increasingly limited will be displayed from the Pavilion 4 stand 4G07 If farmers are looking for new and effective treatments to maintain health and optimize the profitability of their crops, that is what they will find at SEIPASA’s stand in Fruit Attraction (Pavilion 4 stand 4G07). In a context in which it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions to tackle pests and diseases due to the strict...

Registered biopesticides, the guarantee of safe and healthy agriculture

18th of July 2016

After years of research and complying with demanding legal requirements, natural pesticides have become a safe bet The road is long and perhaps too bureaucratic; but it is also demanding and comprehensive in meeting requirements that not all phytosanitary products can satisfy. Precisely this difficulty is what gives greater validity to those who reach the end of the journey - registration, and even more so if it is biopesticides we are talking about. Such is the case with highly...

Nakar, the latest solution for whitefly

13th of June 2016

The whitefly is one of the insects that causes the most headaches to farmers. Although it can attack most horticultural and ornamental crops, it prefers cucurbits and solanaceae crops, especially tomatoes, and is very dangerous in greenhouses. The need for an effective tool against this pest, that is beneficial for the surrounding fauna and does not leave residue on the crop, lead SEIPASA to undertake intense R+D+i work that has resulted in a unique formulation that is 100% natural:...

Naturally and effectively combating pests and diseases in olives groves

7th of June 2016

Getting a crop with optimal parameters is not just about nutrition and balanced fertilisation, but also an effective 'natural' control of possible pathogens. One must know how to fight pests and diseases whilst maintaining the health of the olive grove and the surrounding environment intact. It is vital to make the most of natural resources in favour of biodiversity, the environment and therefore future profitability. This is when natural treatments by SEIPASA become a fundamental...

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