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26th of April 2016

Technical Department of SEIPASA(Phytoma article: http://www.phytomadigital.com/especial-sanidad-vegetal.html#magazine/57)Biostimulants are in fashion. This concept represents those products that promote a number of effects on crops to improve growth. Nowadays, this idea has many definitions and, more importantly, during the First World Congress on the use of biostimulants in agriculture (Strasbourg 2012) a milestone was reached by taking biostimulants into consideration within...

‘Zero Residues’ products can achieve an additional economic margin of 10%

7th of April 2016

This type of production decreases the presence of chemical residues in soil by 20% The shelf life of fruits of the project Life+ Zero Residues increased by 20% The results that are expected of the European project Life+ Zero Residues for stone fruit without residues (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000902: towards a sustainable production and supply chain for stone fruit), in which SEIPASA has participated and which will culminate in June 2017 after four years work, are highly...

Root mass, directly proportional to the aerial development of the plant

1st of March 2016

The application of cutting edge rooting biostimulants, such as Seiland®, guarantee success throughout the productive cycle The root system is the control centre of a plant and what happens in this part of the plant will define growth and crop productivity. In fact, the direct relationship between the roots and development of the aerial parts are recognised: a greater root mass, greater stem thickness and capacity of translocation, thereby increasing the area of leaves favouring...

Expo Agro Sinaloa, showcase of the most advanced natural treatments by SEIPASA

18th of February 2016

The firm offers Mexicans well researched biostimulant solutions and biopesticides to ensure good crop development throughout its production cycleIMAGES OF THE FAIR: http://blog.seipasa.com/seipasa-expo-agro-sinaloa-mexico/ The state of Sinaloa, which brings together the technical agriculture in Mexico for these few days, has become the great agricultural showcase of the country with the famous trade fair Expo Agro Sinaloa.This is an important event that the well known company in the...

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