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The Ministry of Economy grants the 'Pyme Innovadora' seal to SEIPASA

13th of January 2016

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) has granted the seal of certifying 'Pyme Innovadora' (Innovative SME)  to SEIPASA, a leading company in the manufacture of natural treatments for residue-free agriculture. With this recognition, not only is the inherent researcher character of the company awarded, but also the history of a firm in which R&D has been one of the mainstays since its creation. The steadfastness of the research team of SEIPASA, along with the...

The Ministry calls the Life + Zero Residues Project a Success Story

2nd of December 2015

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) considers the Life+ Zero Residues project, which SEIPASA participates in, a success. This has been reflected in the document on the Spanish Bioeconomy Strategy (SBS), a text that claims to be the basis for boosting economic activity and improving the competitiveness and sustainability of the agriculture, fishing, aquaculture, food and forestry sector, with the efficient and sustainable use of the products, by-products and waste that...

SEIPASA presents new tools for integrated control of vines

1st of December 2015

SEIPASA has developed bioinsecticides and biofungicides that have demonstrated great efficiency against some of the principal pests and diseases in vines. Different tests conducted in this crop in various parts of Europe corroborate the effectiveness of the latest natural treatments that SEIPASA is working on, while ensuring a harvest free of residues. These advances have been disclosed in the International Meeting "The vine and wine: Quality wine through Integrated Vineyard...

"We no longer consider Europe export"

12th of November 2015

Interview in the digital newspaper Empresa Exterior with Isabel Cortes, Export Assistant at SEIPASA

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