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BRYOSEI is a product that acts as an activator of the physiological processes of the plant stimulating cell division, the breaking of dormancy in auxiliary buds, leaf cell expansion and the development of chloroplasts. BRYOSEI enhances the structure of the vascular bundles improving the vascularization of tissues and, therefore, promotes a better nutrient translocation.
The complexes formed with the natural lignin produce an antioxidant activity in plants, so that the plant is stimulated to develop its self-defense capacity against stress situations.
The use of BRYOSEI in crops also improves:
  • Sprouting and vegetative development.
  • Increasing the sap flow.
  • Reducing the time required by the plant to heal tissues due to its high capacity as cytological regenerator.
  • The polysaccharide synthesis of the cell wall, inducing the formation of phytoalexins and the correct modulation of cellular aging.
Total organic matter 35.00
Copper (Cu) soluble and complexed 1.80
Manganese (Mn) soluble and complexed 0.80
Zinc (Zn) soluble and complexed 0.60
Foliar application 200-500 m/hl
Fertigation 3-8 l/ha

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