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FERROSEI® has been specially developed to correct iron deficiencies in crops. With a soluble microgranule formulation, it is a product easy to use, it does not compact and has a high degree of water solubility, making it the best ally of the farmer to solve iron chlorosis.
FERROSEI® is an iron chelate EDDHA. It belongs to the family of polyaminocarboxylic chelators, and it has a high degree of stability at alkaline pH compared to other chelating agents used in agriculture.
The combination of both forms of iron chelation by EEDHA (ortho-ortho and ortho-para) is ideal to use the product for a preventive action, due to its stability and persistence in soils, and for a corrective action, because the ortho-para-EDDHA isomer releases iron in a way that causes a shock effect in plants, which are stressed due to a lack of iron.
  • Combat quickly and safely iron chlorosis enhancing development, vigor and crop production.
  • Maximum efficiency regardless of pH and the nature of soils (even in calcareous soils with high salinity or the presence of other elements).
  • Save on ferrous treatments and other trace elements treatments thanks to FERROSEI®’s ability to solubilize the iron/trace elements locked in the soil.
Fertigation Stone and pome fruit 5-100 g/tree
Vegetables 1-6 kg/ha per application

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