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Seipafol® Calcio

Prevents problems caused by calcium deficiency and ensure great results in the crop if the farmer chooses: SEIPAFOL® Calcio.
SEIPAFOL® Calcio has advantages related to absorption and availability of a calcium-EDTA chelate together with adjuvants which decrease the surface tension, improving the product application and increasing absorption performance.
This reference is applicable by foliar spray treatment and it has an additional supply of calcium, easily assimilated by the plant and that it is essential in certain stages of plant growth ... Why? For its important work in the development of plant cell walls. Therefore, in addition to providing support to the plant, it becomes a key factor in plant development.
  • Prevents and corrects calcium deficiencies.
  • Secure your crop spraying SEIPAFOL® Calcio.
Foliar application 250-350 ml/hl 200-300 ml/hl

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