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Effects of Kynetic4® on zucchini quality, fruit set and yield

Trial objectives

Obtain top quality fruit while reducing the use of synthetic hormone.

Trial characteristics

Place and date of trial: Cajamar Las Palmerillas Experimental Station. El Éjido, Almería, Spain.

Crop variety: Zucchini.

Applications: 14 applications.


  • Yield: total, marketable, non- marketable.
  • Yield by categories (I and II).
  • Fruit weight.
  • Morphometric fruit measures.
  • pH.
  • Soluble solids content.
  • Titratable acidity.
  • Fruit color.
  • Fruit firmness.
  • Chlorophyll.

Main results

Distribution by quality categories over total yield


Average weight of marketable fruit

On T4, the hormone applied gets a 60% reduction compared to T1.

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