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Effects of applying TerraseiTM Fruit in a tomato crop

Trial objectives

Biological effectivity of TerraseiTM Fruit to improve the yield and organoleptic characteristics of your crop.

Trial characteristics

Place and date of trial: Morelos (México), 17/01/16.

Crop variety: Serengeti tomato.

Applications: 4 fertigation applications, from fruit set to harvest, with a 7-day interval.


  • Days to first pick.
  • Periodical growth.
  • Distance from head to flowering raceme.
  • Distance between set raceme and flowering raceme.
  • Leaf length.
  • Root length.
  • Quantity of composite leaves per plant.
  • Phytotoxicity.
  • Performance.
  • Fruit size.
  • Fruit color.
  • Nutrients analysis in plant.
  • Fruit pH.
  • Sugar content.

Main results

Days to first pick


Periodical growth

Periodical growth

Root length



Fruit size



Fruit color (%)

Sugar contents

Sugar contents

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